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About Heat2Wear

Heat2Wear mainly focuses on producing fashionable thermal products, such as heated jackets and vests. Our products are available worldwide. The ‘Touch Heating System’ is multinationally patented. Based on this technology, all products can be controlled by smart phones and lead to a smart and efficient way of living. We aim at developing sustainable products as well as improving the living standard of our customers.


Our Founder

The inspiration for establishing Heat2Wear, traces all the way back to our founder’s previous travelling experience. When Justin was working in the new energy development field, he spent a large amount of time in Korea, especially in the winter. The heavy and thick jackets he had to wear to stay warm troubled him a lot during his stay in Korea. They not only restricted his movements; but overweight luggage was also a great concern to him. Inspired by this experience, the first generation Heat2Wear Jacket, called ”the Classic Series”, was launched in 2016. While using ultra-light materials and a water-resistant and eco-friendly power bank design, the Smart Heated system is the world’s 1st patented ‘Touch Heating System’, which allows users to customize their own heating preferences. The second generation Smart Heated Vest, called ‘G1’, is the latest model with a renewed and improved design.

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